Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet the Nutiles!

We’re Ron, Christine, Cami, Frankie & Maggie.

We live in Oak Lawn, Illinois – a suburb of Chicago. Ron bought his parents’ house before we even met. So he’s had the same address his entire life! But now the house is 40+ years old and needs a lot of work – both mechanical and cosmetic. It’s a money pit, but it’s home. And someday, it’ll be right purty too!

Ron is a Show Electrician at McCormick Place -- the largest convention center in North America. He provides electricity (mainly, motors and lights) to the exhibitors. What does that means to us? When he’s home, he’s home A LOT -- sometimes weeks or even months at a time! When he’s working, he works A LOT – 12-18 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week. He’s a handy guy and likes to keep busy. And is happiest right at Home. He’s a lifelong hockey player and has indoctrinated our children into Blackhawks fandom.

I’m a SAHM, babywearing instructor, moderator of the local AP group, and learning facilitator. In another life (back when I earned actual wages!) – I worked for a few non-profits and spent some time in corporate America. I’m not crafty, but I try. I LOVE to read and research. And have been compiling our families’ histories and genealogy for several years.

We both came from pretty conventional backgrounds. But our own parenting journey is more of the alternative, hippy variety. At first, I had to drag Ron down this rainbow path of midwives, hypnobirthing, tandem breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping and home educating. But over the years, he’s seen the light and will occasionally even preach to his friends and co-workers.

8 year old Cami is a creative dreamer. Fashion designer, restaurateur/chef, Broadway star and motherhood are her plans for the future.

5 year old Frankie is into sports, Toy Story, Cars, and superheroes. He’s his Daddy’s shadow and mimic. He prefers a structured lifestyle.

At almost 3 years old, Maggie is very expressive. She provides her own constant commentary. She loves to make music and dance. And will do anything and everything the big kids are doing.

Our Littles have numerous food and environmental issues – allergies, sensitivies, intolerances -- call them what you will. As a result, we eat more natural, less processed foods. And practice selective, delayed vaccinations.

Although, we live just outside one of the largest cities in America, our area (hello, Southside!) is very mainstream. In my early days of parenting, I found myself very alone in my choices. But I things are definitely changing ‘round here!

We’re happy to have you here in our virtual tribe! And hope you enjoy a peek into our lives.

Meet the Felkers

The east coast has hippys too. At least now it does! In 2002, we packed up our family of mom, dad and 5 kids, left our home in southern California, and drove across the country in an RV. We stayed for a few months in Kansas, before continuing on to Delaware. In March of 2003 we rented a home and decided to stay awhile.

We are the Felkers. Our clan has grown more in the last 9 years to now include 3 more children and 2 grandchildren, and a zoo of furkids who have come and gone.

I am Heather, the family manager, aka "mom". Aside from keeping the home running and the chaos to a dull roar, I am a babywearing educator and owner of Sling With Me. In my spare time I am a La Leche League leader, a leader for our local babywearing group, and work on the board of our local homeschool co-op. I am also finding my way in a newly necessary gluten free diet.

My eternal mate is Brad. He is an aircraft mechanic by trade, and scout dad/ leader on the side. He also enjoys volunteering for our local little league each spring and supporting the swim team each summer.

Brad and I all dressed up a couple of years ago.

Together we parented Patrick, Cameron and Allyson, all grown now. The boys have both returned home for a time, Allyson is away at college near Kimber in Idaho. Still keeping us busy at home are Jayson, Dalton, Landon, Maddox, Sterling, and the grandkids, Phoenix and Ari. Yep, 7 kids, 13 and under. Never a dull moment around here.

Cameron, Landon, Jayson, Allyson, Sterling, Dalton, Maddox, Patrick

Ariadne and Phoenix

In classic hippy style, we are an extended breastfeeding, babywearing, sleep sharing, selective vaxing, homeschooling, natural food eating, cloth diaper using, {fairly} normal family. Stick around and see how and why we do what we do.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who are these Hippys? Meet the Towers!

I have no idea, but they keep taking over my home!

So, here it is.

10 years ago when I married my Sammy I never EVER saw us becoming the people we are today.

We were on an entirely different path.

But, life (and a small herd of kids) happened.

Now, us in a nutshell:

Sam is a police officer.

He is also a karate instructor and one of the local herb and gardening experts.

I am a work at home mother (wahm). I teach piano lessons at home and starting this fall I will be a TaVaci instructor (and I can take my kids with me!).

A few years ago I owned a lil ol' baby carrier company with my sister and you can still find my pattern for free online.

I help run an area of Bountiful Baskets (a volunteer run produce co-op) and I am on the board of directors for Babywearing International along with helping my local babywearing group. Occasionally I get in over my head with the things I do, but I try to tread water.

I am a breast-feeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, babywearing less processed foods eating (I still love my Mountain Dew and Junior Mints however), msg loathing, Christian music listening, mostly immunizing, attachment parenting, HOME SCHOOLING mama!

Sam is a gun toting, law enforcing,babywearing, herbal tincture making (he is working on his Master Herbalist Certification currently), garden growing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, msg loathing, green smoothie slurping, less processed foods eating, Christian music listening (along with his beloved Morrissey, bah), mostly immunizing, attachment parenting, fishing, hunting, tap dancing, home food canning, soap making, papa.

The herd are: Isabelle, Edward, Alexander and Osbourne (aka Belle, Buddy, X and Oz).
We also claim June Cleaver the cat and Ada and Ella the dogs.

We live in a tiny town in Idaho. We're a bit odd for these parts. We've decided we're okay with being peculiar.

So, these are the Hippys you'll find here. Feel free to pull up a patch of land and hang with us. We love making new friends.

Hi. I'm Kimber.
The loon behind the camera most of the time (and that is why we don't have a current family picture).

Here is my herd:
Sambo (the Manbo), Oz, Buddy, X and Belle.
They are lovely, no?

Ah yes, that is more like it.