Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who are these Hippys? Meet the Towers!

I have no idea, but they keep taking over my home!

So, here it is.

10 years ago when I married my Sammy I never EVER saw us becoming the people we are today.

We were on an entirely different path.

But, life (and a small herd of kids) happened.

Now, us in a nutshell:

Sam is a police officer.

He is also a karate instructor and one of the local herb and gardening experts.

I am a work at home mother (wahm). I teach piano lessons at home and starting this fall I will be a TaVaci instructor (and I can take my kids with me!).

A few years ago I owned a lil ol' baby carrier company with my sister and you can still find my pattern for free online.

I help run an area of Bountiful Baskets (a volunteer run produce co-op) and I am on the board of directors for Babywearing International along with helping my local babywearing group. Occasionally I get in over my head with the things I do, but I try to tread water.

I am a breast-feeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, babywearing less processed foods eating (I still love my Mountain Dew and Junior Mints however), msg loathing, Christian music listening, mostly immunizing, attachment parenting, HOME SCHOOLING mama!

Sam is a gun toting, law enforcing,babywearing, herbal tincture making (he is working on his Master Herbalist Certification currently), garden growing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, msg loathing, green smoothie slurping, less processed foods eating, Christian music listening (along with his beloved Morrissey, bah), mostly immunizing, attachment parenting, fishing, hunting, tap dancing, home food canning, soap making, papa.

The herd are: Isabelle, Edward, Alexander and Osbourne (aka Belle, Buddy, X and Oz).
We also claim June Cleaver the cat and Ada and Ella the dogs.

We live in a tiny town in Idaho. We're a bit odd for these parts. We've decided we're okay with being peculiar.

So, these are the Hippys you'll find here. Feel free to pull up a patch of land and hang with us. We love making new friends.

Hi. I'm Kimber.
The loon behind the camera most of the time (and that is why we don't have a current family picture).

Here is my herd:
Sambo (the Manbo), Oz, Buddy, X and Belle.
They are lovely, no?

Ah yes, that is more like it.

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